Afghanistan: The great American opium war.

Did you know that over 90% of the world’s heroin is produced from poppies grown in Afghanistan?

I didn’t either, until  a good friend died of an overdose.  He had been struggling for years with opioid addiction, ever since his first line of oxycontin.  In the year after his death I kept coming back to the same question… why?

The war in Afghanistan is being fought to protect and control the global heroin trade.  If you follow the money it’s obvious.  In may of 2001 the Taliban had successfully banned the production of opium poppies and wiped out the planet’s largest crop in less than a year…within 6 months we invaded on false pretenses and since then poppy production has continued to reach all time highs.  There are now more poppy fields by area in Afghanistan than all the Coca fields in South America.  We are literally there growing the industry.

90% of the world’s $65 billion a year heroin trade is the true spoil of war in the invasion of Afghanistan.  If you follow the money it becomes increasingly clear.   The war in Afghanistan is just another war over a valuable commodity and per usual money trumps integrity and morals.

Why do we protect abroad that which we demonize at home?  If farmers in the midwest started growing opium poppies and producing heroin they would be locked up in a federal penitentiary yet for some reason our troops protect the heroin trade in Afghanistan.  If the Taliban was able to able to eradicate heroin shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

Unfortunately  Entities within our own government (most likely the CIA as their own operatives have admitted on record to fostering and growing the manufacture and trade of heroin in Afghanistan during the Russo-Afghani war of the 1980s) have to be running the show, in fact they’re most likely the same people that were running the show pre 2001.

America is the heroin trade.  We literally control 90% of global production.  We could simply burn the fields and never let anyone grow poppies again but you and I both know that will never happen, look at the chart, look at what happened.  No matter what these crooked politicians tell you the numbers don’t lie, the facts don’t lie.  Every addict is a source of revenue.  Every drug bust is a source of revenue.  Every can of Narcan is a source of revenue.  And if you try to turn off the spigot you will be bombed to oblivion.

I miss my friend.  I wish he didn’t have to die sad and alone in he grips of a demon.  I wish our government cared as much about stopping the global heroin epidemic as the Taliban.  I wish the army would just burn down the poppy fields.  I wish heroin never even existed.

Ultimately wishing gets you nothing and all i can really do is try and shine what little light i have on the truth, it’s the government that poisons the youth.


rest in peace Sean.



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