You hit refresh on your social media app every few minutes for an hour. nothing meaningful pops up, but you wish it would. an algorithm suggest you become friends with people you have never met and probably never will. You resist, remembering how awkward it was the last time you took introductions from a computer. You miss the good old days, when you looked up at the stars. Now you just stare at your screen.

Videos of baby goats make you happy for a while but it’s not enough. You feel like something’s missing. The things that are supposed to bring us together are actually driving us apart.

They mine your data and monetize it pissing on your privacy. They take the content you create and monetize it telling you how fortunate you are to be able to reach more people. They listen to your every conversation and have probably seen you naked.

It’s all ok. You’re used to it now. Science is the new religion, robots the new gods. Humans are obselete. You roam the kitchen in your obsolescence looking for resources to consume. Your food was made in a factory but it tastes good so you don’t care. Your clothes were made by slaves but they are comfortable and make you forget that you’re uncomfortable in your nakedness so you don’t care. You posses all the trappings of the gainfully employed but for some reason ownership of the newest iPhone doesn’t make you happy.

You know what you’re missing but you can’t find it anywhere no matter how hard you look. You stumble through life with a hole in your heart and pain in your chest. You grow old as the world keeps spinning and the galaxy keeps spinning. You make it through another winter and the summer sun makes you smile.

You have this uncontrollable feeling that this will be your year and it is and she finds you and she saves you. Your smile returns and you turn off your devices and you lay next to her under the Milky Way and the shooting stars and nothing else matters.

-the end

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