“people you may know”

Why does Facebook have the “people you may know” bar when it goes against their suggested policy regarding friend requests? I can only assume it’s in an effort to remain relevant. To me it’s a sign that actual interactions are down on the site and that Facebook is actively trying to game the analytics so that their stock prices remain high.

I’m writing this article because this type of shady practice is an affront to both advertisers and users and it’s downright creepy.  How many times have you ever friend requested a random person on Facebook and actually ended up in a real life friendship with them?…The answer is never, and guess what? Facebook already knows this, just like they know that you don’t know most of the “people you may know”.

Facebook has no problem promoting stalking as long as it helps their bottom line and promotes their image to advertisers of being a growing “online community”. I’ve talked to a bunch of different women about how disgusted they get by the random men that friend request them just to solicit sex. Actively helping sexual predators find prey seems borderline criminal to me and at the very least is morally and ethically wrong.

Facebook needs to stop sacrificing user privacy and safety just to make some quick advertising bucks in the now. They might even want to rethink the “people you may know” bar even if it has become the most interesting thing about the site. They have some of the best software engineers on the planet in their employ you’d think they could come up with more positive and straightforward ways to make their bread.

It’s the little things like this that make me think Facebook is overvalued and becoming increasingly irrelevant. Part of the problem for them is that we all know what our friends are going to say, what they had for dinner, and what team they want to win the superbowl.  We’re all boring and predictable and when you see some “people you may know” it’s mysterious and maybe not as boring as the rest.  If Facebook could recreate this mystery and interest in a non creepy manner i would be on board…until then fuck off ya creep haha

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