and thus the pendulum swung back to the darkness in this most manic form of governance. and if ever we knew one inalienable truth; it was that history repeats, and human nature remains. a great war would come again. too much had already been invested for it not to occur. too many weapons unused sitting idly on their racks. too many missiles with no targets. too many jobs and careers hanging in the balance. we had become a species obsessed with war, and every passing day would inch us closer to this inevitable future.

the invasion and eventual annexation of canada began on july 4th 2040. by july 10th the country had fallen. the city of calgary was gone. lost to the annals of history. wiped from the face of the planet. it’s 1.1 million citizens would become the first casualties in a war that would span generations and eventually result in the first empire to encompass the entire planet earth, the moon and mars.

america had been born for this. we would finally shake free of the idealistic philosophy of our youth. we would become leaders. it was always inevitable. we would make the world great again. we had outgrown our quaint little democracy. this was the age of empire.

mexico was the next to fall. then guatemala, belize, el salvador, nicaragua, costa rica and panama like dominos.

in truth our transformation from democracy to empire had happened many years past in his grandfathers time. he was the third trump president and if all went as planned he would soon become the first emporer of the entire planet earth….


more coming soon.

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